Friday, June 4, 2010


I heard someone say this morning- 

“Adventure is just a series of moments you never could have 
predicted before you left home."

One of my all-time favorite adventures unfolded over the course of three days in Alex's little blue Honda civic named Moesha.

we saw death ships.
  you probably shouldn't ask.

we made numerous illegal u-turns.

we reunited with an incredibly random mutual fried.
    no, she's not random.  the fact that she's a mutual friend is random. 

we spent 30 minutes in tijuana, mexico on new years eve.
  you probably shouldn't ask about that one either.

we went to McDonald's (9) times.
  yes, nine.

we searched (or hoped to stumble upon) the crystal cathedral.
    we didn't.

                                                                        then got attacked by dogs at the beach.

we spent an hour at an auto parts store attempting to fix moesha's electrical socket.
and 6 months later, it still doesn't work.

we sat on a big rock, watched the waves crash on the sand, drank coffee, and talked about life.
               and it was perfect.
we couldn’t find the hollywood sign.
               then all of the sudden it appeared on the mountain next to us.

we got a cher cupcake. 
    and drove an hour to eat it under the lights of cher’s malibu home.
we explored venice beach.
    at night. 
    and are still alive.

all in 68 crazy fun hours. 
       and i didn't tell my mom till i got home.

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  1. Yes...But your mom already knew that you did something crazy by the question you asked...."mom, guess what I did on New Years?