Friday, February 4, 2011

If it were up to me...

It would be appropriate to wear my blue and green flannel Tom’s to work everyday.  
I would know the name of the man at Starbucks  who gives me free shots of espresso and with whom I’ve spent almost every lunch break this year.
Flights to Indiana would cost $50 each way.  
Everyone would be able to afford therapy and all therapists would be good.  
I’d send more Hallmark cards than e-mails.
A normal work week would be 30 hours.
Growing my own vegetables would be easy.  
Time would stop when I sit down and have a cup of coffee with my mom. 
I’d be able to understand why God seems so cold and distant.  
All kids would be able to swim.  
Cookies wouldn’t have calories.
I wouldn’t be scared of failing.  
There would be a Philz Coffee more conveniently located to my home or my place of employment.  
Deciding what I want to eat for lunch would be easy. 
All of my pictures from my lifetime would be digital and not hidden in my boxes in my parent’s basement.
I’d be inspired to spend more time on my blog.


  1. Thanks so much for this glimpse into the different things we all have tucked back into our minds!

    I vow to be a therapist that anyone of any SES can go to (and I hope to be worthwhile)....

    and I wonder if that Starbucks guy is cute, would he like your number :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. The one about your mom made my day>>>>>>>>