Friday, May 7, 2010

from 35,000 feet

From 35,000 feet, the mountains look so small. Who knew that Nevada and Utah were so beautiful from the sky? From up here, I can see an entire lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. From this angle, I can see mountain ranges that stand alone and mountain ranges that seem to run into one another. I’m beginning to see a dry desert. I can see more out of a 1x1.5ft. window than I ever could standing on the ground.

Perspective. It’s so important. I love every part of traveling. I love the anticipation and deciding what to pack for an unknown adventure. I love handing over my luggage, trusting that it will arrive at my destination at the same time as me (I’m crossing my fingers....because even with all the flying I do, I have yet to lose my luggage). I love sipping airport coffee and wondering about the lives of the people around me. There are so many perspectives. The woman next to me might be flying to her dad’s funeral in Texas. The family behind me is traveling to see their dad returning from Iraq. The couple across the aisle is headed to the bliss of their honeymoon.

Me? Today, I’m traveling in order to gain a little bit of perspective on my own life. Not a lot of people choose Minnesota as a vacation destination from California (especially when the temperature is forecasted to be 81 this weekend in CA...) In Minnesota resides one of my best friends in the world- someone who understands the joy and the struggle of the job that I do 48 (or 54) hours every week. She walked the same arduous road that I did in our journey at Advent. When I made the decision to surrender a friendship that was breaking my heart only a few weeks ago, Katie was there. Katie will cry with me when I’m mourning the brokenness of relationships in my life and process with me the uncertainty of my future- especially today.

I had an interview earlier this week for a job that seems almost too perfect for me. I’m so excited for the opportunity to work for a thriving nonprofit with a small team and my heart breaks at the thought of leaving my team and my girls at Advent. I trust that God is going to open and close doors to lead me to exactly the place that He wants to use me the most.

My hope for this weekend is to reflect on my journey called life, reconnect with a friend who understands and knows me at my core, process the role I play in my family as a daughter and a sister, and maybe have a better idea of what my future looks like.

There’s something about being 35,000 feet in the air..maybe it’s just that the cares of the world can’t distract me like they do on the ground. Or maybe I feel like I’m closer to God up here.

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  1. What do you say to someone that continues to teach her mother everyday by the words she speaks, the love she shows and way she lives her life just how preciuos life is.....How about..."You are AMAZING" enough said...I love you