Monday, October 11, 2010

I call this chapter of my life: DISCIPLINE.

I had the day off of work today.  I ran 10 miles.  Who runs 10 miles on a random Monday off work?!?  
I invited a pastor friend of mine along on my run in form of a podcast on my iPod.  As I was browsing through his latest, I randomly chose one called “Soul Sessions” in which he spoke about the beauty of discipline not being in the act itself, but in the result of that discipline.  The words he spoke resonated so strongly with me as I pounded the pavement for almost two hours in the midday sun.  Running for two hours isn’t fun by any means, but every mile I run, I remind myself that I’m one mile closer to running a half marathon along Pebble Beach in Monterey, CA.  In just about a month, I’ll finish 13.1 miles and I can only imagine the joy I’ll feel. My legs will feel very little of that joy, but they’re starting to get used to the abuse I’m putting them through.  
Finishing 13.1 miles isn’t beautiful because I run for two hours on a random Sunday morning at 7am with 2,000 other people.  It’s beautiful because over 100 miles of training has led me to that morning.  It’s beautiful because a year ago, I could barely run a mile without stopping to catch my breath.  It’s beautiful because at least 3 days a week for 4 months, I’ve been disciplined enough to leave the cookie dough in the fridge until I’ve finished my run that night.  It’s beautiful because it’s been a journey.
And isn’t that how all of life is?  
Jesus. Careers. Finances. Friendship. Marathons.
I’m re-learning the beauty of discipline in my spiritual journey.  I can read the Bible every day because as a Christian, that’s what I’m supposed to do, right?  But am I allowing His word to truly feed my soul?  I’ll never be able to understand or savor the full sweetness of this relationship until I do.    
I’m trying to be disciplined with my finances because I’d like to have enough money that someday my discipline won’t be out of necessity but only because I want to be able to give generously to people and causes that are close to my heart.  
And, tonight I’m going to remember to embrace the joy of discipline when I show up for 90 minute yoga class in a 104 degree room....


  1. I dig this post.. can I ask where to find that sermon?

  2. in iTunes, look up FUEL- Church on the Hill San Jose, CA. It's called "Soul Sessions Part 1" by Jay Kim on 9/14/10....

    Is this Gavin Duffy?

  3. found your blog this morning and it has a cozy feel to it! just lovely! ♥ ♥